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REUNION OF MEMORIES - Alumni Dinner 2010

Saturday 17th April was an auspicious day for IoBM, it proudly celebrated its 15th anniversary in a grand style befitting the occasion. The basket ball court of the university was transformed into a venue where memories could be reunited. This valiant effort was one taken by the existing students of the event management class and the alumni association that was looking to officially re-launch itself in order to create a liaison between the existing students, alumni and the university The night for all went spectacularly well, true to the IoBM spirit the event was full of energy, laughter and an electric vibe.

The event concept and the objective had been clearly defined, this was not a simple get together, it was geared to promote the alumni association and create a database for the very purpose. The event management class was divided into different areas that needed to be catered to when planning an event of such magnitude meanwhile the alumni provided a firm guiding hand, with an almost omnipresent nature.

Many of the permissions and paper work was expedited due to the alumni, similarly strong sponsorships from Nokia, Zong, Symmetry and HSBC were obtained courtesy of our alumni. Careful marketing of the event was also underway, strict measures were taken in order to ensure that no security risks were faced at the day of the event such as background checks on those purchasing the tickets in order to ensure there alumni status. The IoBM management issued graduate directories for the students to reach them directly.

Catering needs were met by The Rajputs, bought in by an alumni Mr Sarocsh. They proved to be not only competent but highly collabrative at the day of the event creating an ambiance that left many in awe.

the flow of the event was smooth and casual. The faculty members and alumni mingled in a care free environment, reminiscing about their past and regailing stories of one another. An artistic collage of past photos termed "The Memory Lane" was a crowd hit; the alumni also took pictures at a special photo booth that had been made. Our multi talented student force pitched in on this project with Shakaib handling the booth and Nadir covering the overall event.

Prior to dinner a small address was made by Mr. Bilal, who explained the purpose of the event. Surprised guest were treated to raffle selections, with prizes that had many reeling backwards such as a laptop (courtesy HSBC) and iPods (courtesy Symmetry) which were handed out by Mr Talib Kareem and Ms Sabeena Mohsin.

After dinner, the lights were dimmed and the guest danced the night away in true IoBM style, the faculty student and alumni stood as one reveling in another successful event.

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